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A Great Big World Are Out To 'Say Something'

posted 24 Feb 2014, 05:41 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 24 Feb 2014, 05:41 ]

New York duo 'A Great Big World' are set to chart high in the UK with their new single 'Say Something'.

(SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT) - The bespectacled pianist and singer, Ian Axel, 28, and fellow vocalist Chad Vaccarino, 28, also known as A Great Big World have helped Christina Aguilera score her 24th top 40 UK hit with the single 'Say Something'.

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The duo collaborated with pop diva Christina Aguilera on the ballad, after she got in touch and requested to work with them.

They then re-recorded the track featuring her voice.

Aguilera has since performed with them at the American Music Awards and on the The Voice US.

The pair have also performed at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

'Say Something', has been a huge international success, hitting the top 5 around the world in countries including the US, CanadaAustraliaNew Zealand and Sweden. It has sold over 2.7 million copies in the US alone.

"It's overwhelming, all the response all over the world. I mean it's crazy to think that this song came through us, but it comes from such a bigger place that we're all a part of," said Axel to Reuters.

The pair have also put out another track called 'Everyone Is Gay'.

"It was inspired by our two friends Kristin and Danielle who run a website called Everyoneisgay.com and they give advice to kids who are struggling with their sexuality and they challenged us to write the gayest song ever for a compilation album that they wanted to put out," explains Vaccarino.

The song has caused some controversy, with the Westboro Baptist Church (whose website url is godhatesfags.com) tweeting that it should be the new U.S. anthem for the Sochi Winter Olympics.

The Westboro Baptist Church are a relatively small Kansas-based group known for picketing at the funerals of American soldiers with anti-gay slogans. The White House has said that it views the anti-gay protests of the Westboro Baptist Church at military funerals as "reprehensible" but acknowledged it could do little about the group.

Both tracks are taken from A Great Big World's debut album, 'Is Anybody Out There?'