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A sneak peek at Star Wars Kinect

posted 16 Mar 2012, 13:39 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 16 Mar 2012, 13:39 ]

Rock musicians, rappers and reality TV stars mingle with R2D2 and C3PO at a special party in London to preview the new video game 'Star Wars Kinect' ahead of its worldwide launch.

UK-STAR WARS KINECT  - A long time ago in a studio not far away, a space age story was born that would become one of the most successful - and lucrative - film franchises of all time.

The original Star Wars trilogy was filmed in England's Elstree Studios, and now the familiar cast characters is back - though like never before. London's Film Museum is staging

a preview party for the new Star Wars Kinect video game. The motion sensor on top of the TV means players do not need a controller to feel the force.

Tinchy Stryder, Rapper, saying 

"It's weird to see how people are playing and moving around without holding anything."

English rapper Tinchy Stryder was one of a raft of celebrities who turned out to get an early look at the latest chapter for Star Wars.

Anthony Daniels has been there from the very beginning. He played the uptight robot C3P0 is the only actor to appear in all six Star Wars films.

Anthony Daniels, Star Wars actor saying

"Nobody knew this was going to happen back in 1976 when we shot it and here I am all these years later - a little older myself. But I can play this, but what I love is it gets people off the coach and they get to play. Even Jabba the hut is rumoured to be losing weight because he's bouncing along in 'Dance With Jabba'.

For those old enough to remember seeing the early films in the cinema, the stories still hold special allure.

Graham Coxon is the guitarist for the band Blur.

Graham Coxon, Musician, saying

"That's something I'll never forget, going to see Star Wars. It was the best event of my childhood I reckon."

Hunter Skipworth is a journalist for the technology blog Pocket Lint.

Hunter Skipworth, Pocket-Lint Journalist saying

Microsoft product manager Glenn Gregory concedes expectations are high for this release.

Glenn Gregory, Microsoft Product manager saying

"When we first started working on this game it was an opportunity for us to take the technology that's in Kinect and then really mirror it with Star Wars. You know, a brand that everybody knows and loves. When we looked at what we could do with that combination, it was all about letting people live out their fantasies of being a Jedi. When people think of being a Jedi they don't think of pressing a button over and over again. They think of swining a light sabre, using the force, jumping, kicking and being very physical."

Star Wars Kinect goes on sale in all Xbox markets on April third...

Matt Cowan, Reuters