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Al Pacino reunites with "Scarface' castmates

posted 24 Aug 2011, 07:23 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 24 Aug 2011, 07:26 ]
Legendary actor Al Pacino joined castmates from the iconic 80's gangster film, "Scarface" to look back at the rise and fall of "Tony Montana."

REUTERS / UNIVERSAL STUDIOS HOME ENTERTAINMEN - Academy Award winner Al Pacino reunited with the stars from the iconic Hollywood gangster film "Scarface" on the on the red carpet Tuesday night (August 23) in downtown Los Angeles to celebrate the film's upcoming release on Blu-ray disc.

Nearly 30-years after its box office release, Pacino said he is still surprised by its lasting impact.

Actor Al Pacino saying"I am surprised, by after these many years you sort of get used to it. You expect when you are picking up your kids from school and your son's 8-year-old's friends are saying, 'Hey, say hello to my little friend.' You say, 'Wow! You are not allowed to see that picture.' But, you grow used to it."

Directed by Brian de Palma and written by Oliver Stone, "Scarface," released in 1983, starred Pacino as "Tony Montana," a driven Cuban immigrant who shoots his way to the top of Miami's drug underworld only to be consumed by the greed of his own ambition.

Ironically, the film was initially met with at best mixed reviews, has since grown to become part of the pop culture fabric of Hollywood.

Actor Al Pacino saying"The first few years I thought what is this and why is this happening. But, then there has been a lot of speculation about it and there is this book 'Scarface Nation' - where a guy talks a whole book about it. Then there are the rappers and Hip-Hop people who have really embraced the movie. There is a video where they really articulate what it is. So, you say that it has an afterlife."

"Scarface" arrives on Blu-ray disc on September 6th, featuring additional bonus scenes.

John Russell, Reuters.