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Alec Baldwin's special request to Donald Trump

posted 17 Mar 2012, 08:09 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 17 Mar 2012, 08:10 ]

The actor and PETA supporter asks Trump for a donation at an event to publicize the abuse of elephants in circuses.

REUTERS / PETA  - Actor Alec Baldwin has teamed up with animal rights group, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to protest against the abuse of circus elephants.

Baldwin stars in a new video released by PETA that shows behind-the-scenes footage of circus elephants being beaten.

"When you see these people that do these beatings you can tell some of them, there is one guy in particular, you can tell he's enjoying this, you can tell this is like a game to him, this is fun. He cracks these elephants right across the head on the thick of their skulls with metal bars and you can tell this is all in a day's work to him," said Baldwin.

The four-minute video narrated by Baldwin shows various pictures and videos of elephants being hit with bullhooks and other instruments. PETA hopes the video will be the proof needed to ban the use of elephants in circuses in America.

While speaking about the issue, Baldwin brought up Donald Trump's sons' recent wild game hunting trip in Zimbabwe. Donald Trump, Jr. and Eric Trump were criticized after photos of them posing with various exotic animals they had hunted and killed surfaced online.

PETA Senior Vice President, Dan Mathews, was quick to point out that Donald Trump issued a statement saying he was not a believer in hunting and was surprised that his sons even like it. At which point, Baldwin issued a playful challenge to the Trump men.

"Maybe his kids should take some of their inheritance and they should write a really big check to PETA, that might square things away. They should swear off hunting, oh yeah, they should swear off hunting, as a matter of fact, they should swear off hunting and they should write a check and their father should write a check, a really big check. As long as we could hear Trump scream from all the way down this block, if right down by Grand Army Plaza we could hear the moaning of Trump as he put one more zero on that check then I think we would be in good shape, that's a good start," said Baldwin with a smile.

PETA is asking that people boycott circuses that feature animals, and if they do attend a show, to protest.