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Alice in Wonderland goes gothic

posted 19 Oct 2012, 07:02 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 19 Oct 2012, 07:03 ]

Designer Yasutaka Funakoshi looks deep into the gothic looking glass for his latest designs inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

TOKYOJAPAN (OCTOBER 19, 2012) (REUTERS) -  For those at Yasutaka Funakoshi's show at Tokyo Fashion Week on Friday (October 19), Alice in Wonderland may seem to have wondered down a rabbit hole too far.

Outfits and models in the show married inspirations from the book written by Lewis Carroll and more gothic influences, daubed in deep blacks and reds and ripped materials, set to dark throbbing music.

With clothing ranging from cheshire cat look-a-likes to full sized mad hatters and even models walking down the runway carrying their own tables, the show appeared to be bent on taking the viewer further through the looking glass and into a much darker place.

For Alice Auaa designer Yasutaka Funakoshi, his "Alice in Wonderland in Me" exhibition offered a chance to test people's reactions to some of his most outlandish outfits.

"They're very different from real clothes and so what I'm making is something where one could walk down the street while wearing a table. I want to do that sort of thing; to sort of see, in some ways, what it'd be like and what people's reactions would be," he said, himself dressed as the March Hare.

Funakoshi normally designs gothic themed clothing and said that while he was originally making the clothing just because he wanted to, it has since attracted a large following.