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All Female Rockers Prepare To Release Their Debut Album

posted 7 May 2013, 15:17 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 7 May 2013, 15:18 ]

American band, the Feathers, hope to bring a fresh bold sound to the music industry with their debut album.

 (NYX SOUNDS) -  Electronic pop music is making a resurgence with the help of the all-female band the Feathers.

The group has been called the female Depeche Mode and their sound has been described as hypnotically beautiful, which are two descriptions the ladies do not mind.

"I think in some songs that would definitely apply. But I also think there are a lot of dynamics. So, it's not just ambient music it's definitely, it has its peaks and its lows and all of that," lead singer Anastasia Dimou said.

Dimou formed the band in 2011 after writing several songs on her own. The group consists of bassist Courtney Voss, keyboardist Kathleen Carmichael, and guitaristDestiny Montague. Each member comes with previous band experience and said this group comes with the less stress.

"It's actually surprising a lot less drama than any of the other bands that I've mean in," said Montague.

As buzz builds for the ladies their fan base is growing, which the group said is thrilling.

"Someone asked us to sign their shirt at our last show in LA and I definitely was really - like, I made it really big and I was like, yeah, we'll get everyone. It was fun. So it's always still exciting. And another thing, people were singing our song at the show. The records not even out yet. So that was kind of cool," said Dimou.

On the day Reuters dropped in on them they were busy taking promotional photos. While it looked glamorous, the ladies are quick to highlight the reality.

"Sitting on your knees on the hardwood for an hour while everyone tries to situate perfectly," Voss said, is not fun.

"I think the best, I think we all probably would agree like traveling and touring and playing shows is really, that's really. I think on stage you've said it to, it's like where you feel most alive," added Dimou.

The quartet will get back into their element when they travel to the UK to support the release of their new album "If All Here Now" set for release on May 28th.