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Britney Spears defamation trial begins

posted 19 Oct 2012, 10:19 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 19 Oct 2012, 10:19 ]

Drug allegations kick off Britney Spears defamation trial.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA UNITED STATES  (HOLLYWOODTV) - Britney Spears was not in court yesterday but her parents were there for the opening statement by Sam Lutfi's attorney. Britney's former manager is suing Britney and her family. According to his attorney Sam found drugs including crystal meth in the singer's home. He also claimed that an overdose of pills is what led to the singer being hospitalized and placed under a court-ordered conservator. The family fired Lutfi claiming he was the problem. Lutfi sued for breach of contract, libel , battery, intentional infliction of emotion distress and defamation following the release of Lynne Spears' memoir "Through the Storm: A Real Story of Family and Family in a Tabloid World." In response, Spears'' conservatorship is looking to get $93.000 in attorney fees from Lutfi.

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