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"Call Of Duty" Goes Next-Gen With "Ghosts"

posted 5 Nov 2013, 06:51 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 5 Nov 2013, 06:52 ]


EVO - The "Call of Duty" series over the last decade has been one of the biggest selling computer game titles of all time, and to celebrate the launch of the latest installment 'Ghosts', Activision held a party at Indigo2 in London's O2 Arena where fans could get to grips with all the latest guns and gameplay.

Christopher Dring, Editor of MCV Magazine and Website:

"There are so many great games that come out every year but this game sells so much more than any other. It creates this community around it where people play with their friends and that builds and it grows and it grows and Call of Duty gets bigger every year as a result of that and it's just a lot of fun."

Also a lot of fun was the live-action trailer rolled out the day before the release which featured a cameo by Megan Fox. It gave the franchise the extra push it probably doesn't need, considering around 1,900 years of gameplay are notched up by players in a single day around the world.

 Tina Placios, Senior Community Manager, Infinity Ward:

"Yeah when we're hit with the stats in the office, we're like 'Wow! OK, that's really crazy. That many people play our game.' It makes us work that much harder and we want them to know that we tried our damned hardest to give you the best game possible and yeah, it's a very emotional time for us tonight."

Away from the party, the true hardcore gamers had turned up at one of 300 GAME stores at midnight to get their hands on one of the first copies of the game.

Jamie Gardiner, Call of Duty fan:

"We needed it. We needed to get it as soon as it came out, we had to get it straightaway just to play it. Seeing the advertisement, seeing the game, seeing the gameplay, we even got to play it earlier and it was amazing."

Katie Gardiner, Call of Duty fan:

"I've taken a week off work so I can play it all week so I'm happy, so yeah, it's going to be awesome."

If you didn't attend a midnight opening, "Call of Duty: Ghosts", the first title to be launched for both Playstation 4 and Xbox One, is out in nearly all international territories now.