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Celebrities make the rounds at post-Golden Globes parties

posted 17 Jan 2011, 04:47 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 17 Jan 2011, 04:50 ]

Golden Globes winners and guests attend the parties held after the festive awards ceremony in Beverly Hills.

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES (JANUARY 16, 2011) REUTERS - Hollywood film and televisions stars celebrated well into the night on Sunday (January 16, 2011) with a series of festive post-awards show parties held in honor of the 68th Annual Golden Globes at the famed Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Just outside the fete hosted by InStyle magazine and Warner Bros winners holding their awards, nominees

and guests posed for photos and talked to the media.

"Toy Story 3" director Lee Unkrich shared what it meant to him to have his movie win for best animated film.

"Listen, we're so grateful that people love it as much as they do. Both the audiences and the critics all over the world. People just love the movie so, this is just icing on the cake."

Unkrich is a longtime member of the creative team at Pixar.

Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramirez talked about why he feels the French-German television mini-series in which he stars, "Carlos," is so unique.

"For me this is a revolution of movies. I mean, it's an exploration of new territories. Not only in storytelling, but it broadcasted and presented an exhibit in movies."

Ramirez plays the lead role in the 5-hour epic based on a true story of Carlos the Jackal, the Venezuelan terrorist who bombed and murdered all across the globe for decades.

"Carlos" was released as both a TV mini-series, a feature film.

Meanwhile, various actors shared their experiences about interacting with their colleagues during the awards show.

"I sat with Edie Falco tonight, that was fun," said Peter Facinelli. "I saw Kevin Spacey, I haven't seen in a little while, I did a movie with awhile back, so it was fun to see him again. I talked to Rob Pattinson a little bit. Who else? Garrett Hedlund."

Colombian actress and model Sofia Vergars confided she was on a special mission for her teenager.

"Well, I'm looking for Johnny Depp, because my son is 19, and he's like his favorite actor. So he said 'You have to take a picture with Johnny Depp or make him say something.' So, I am going to harass him. I been trying to find him. If you see him, tell him I'm looking for him."

"I met Robert DeNiro tonight," smiled British actor Idris Elba. "Al Pacino, of course, was in my category. Hugh Laurie, we all sat together. It was a great time for all of your peers to get together. And I think Ricky Gervais was very funny. Even though he pushed the envelope, I think we needed that."

Elba was nominated for a best actor in a television mini-series or movie. He was beat by Al Pacino for his turn in "You Don't Know Jack."

The HBO party was thrown atop the hotel pool as usual. Each year a platform is built over the water to turn the space into a dining area and dance floor.

"Boardwalk Empire" star Steve Buscemi, who took home the best actor award for his work in the television drama, was among the top stars to attend

Buscemi shared how he was feeling before and after it was announced he had won.

"You get nervous and excited," explained Buscemi. "I'm just honored and I feel lucky to working and to have such a great part."

Hayden Panettiere explained that the Golden Globes are always a special evening for her.

"I am always excited to see everyone win," said Panettiere. "The look on their face, especially the genuine people who don't expect to win, they just look like they are in shock."

In the end, the Facebook film "The Social Network" won four Golden Globe Awards on Sunday (January 16, 2011), including best drama, making it a front-runner in the Hollywood Oscar race after sweeping several honors from critics and industry groups in recent weeks

The Golden Globe Awards are handed out each year by some 90 members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), and a win here can give movies the momentum they need in the race for Oscars, the world's top movie honors.