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Celebs give back to distance themselves from Gaddafi

posted 10 Mar 2011, 14:22 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 10 Mar 2011, 14:26 ]

Rapper 50 Cent joins the list of celebrities donating money received for performing for the Gaddafi family.

PARK CITY, UTAH, UNITED STATES REUTERS - Rapper 50 Cent is the latest celebrity to join a growing list of entertainers donating money to charity that they received for performing for the clan of Muammar Gaddafi.

The rapper had a private performance at the 2005 Venice film festival that was payrolled by the Libyan leader.

50 Cent did not reveal the amount he was paid, but said he will make a sizable donation to UNICEF.

Superstar Beyonce is also among the notable performers who've already given back. The singer said she donated her earnings to Haiti earthquake relief after finding out the show was financed by the family of Gaddafi.

Usher has promised to make a charitable contribution from the money earned from his performances.

Nelly Furtado said she will give away the one million dollars (USD) she earned from the Gaddafi family.

And last but not least, Mariah Carey says she was unaware and embarrassed that she also received Gaddafi-linked pay. While Carey did not say she was going to donate the funds, she did say, "Going forward, this is a lesson for all artists to learn from." Her reps pointed out that Carey has donated to various charities throughout her career.