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Charlize Theron opens about her adoptive son!

posted 6 Apr 2012, 07:37 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 6 Apr 2012, 07:37 ]

Charlize Theron is finally speaking about her new son Jackson!

Charlize Theron talks about her son Jackson!

NEW YORK, NEW YORK CITY, UNITED STATES (DECEMBER 08, 2011) (HOLLYWOODTV) - Charlize Theron recently announced that she adopted a baby boy and now she's speaking out about what it's like being a mother for the first time. Charlize says, "I've always been very honest in saying I wanted a family. I've always known I wanted a family. I don't think my mom could wait any more! Jackson is incredible, the greatest gift. He is the coolest kid ever. I hope to be like my mom. Fair, though, loving, and supportive. My mom has made it possible for me to be who I am. Our family is everything. Her greatest skill was encouraging me to find my own person and own independence." Charlize wishes to be a great mother like her mother Gerda!

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