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Charlize Theron wants to be in "Game of Thrones"

posted 8 Jun 2012, 04:06 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 8 Jun 2012, 04:07 ]

Charlize Theron would like to guest star on "Game of Thrones"

Charlize Theron talks about wanting to be in "Game of Thrones"

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES (DECEMBER 08, 2011) (HOLLYWOODTV) - Charlize Theron recently revealed that she would like to be in "Game of Thrones." 

In a new interview with ScreenRant, Theron expressed her love for the show, "I like a lot of different shows. I watch a lot of stuff that people are somewhat shocked by, but I am absolutely like foaming at the mouth over 'Game of Thrones.' Like, I can not get enough of that. When my son came in my life, that was a bottle feed because I couldn't watch television; I used to watch so little. 

That was my TiVo feed every two hours, Watch 'Game of Thrones.' My mom was like, 'Do you think it's fine that you're feeding your son while there's like sword fights?' I was like, 'It's fine, mom. It's fine.'" Charlize continues to mention how she'd like to appear on the show, "I'd be totally open to it. I'm open to anything, dude. I'd be like 'Hey, alien, what do you think of 'Game of Thrones? Lord Snow, really?"

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