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Chuck Liddell being accused of kidnapping his son

posted 3 Apr 2011, 06:27 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 3 Apr 2011, 06:30 ]

UFC star, Chuck Liddell, is being accused by his ex of kidnapping their son

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES (OCTOBER 13, 2010)  HOLLYWOODTV - UFC star, Chuck Liddell is facing a new battle this week. Chuck's ex, Lori Geyer, along with her current husband called the police claiming Liddell had "kidnapped" his son earlier this week. According to the police report filed March 27, Liddell picked up his son Cade from Geyer's Colorado home on March 23 and said he was going to spend time with Cade in Colorado. Geyer told police Liddell said he and Cade would return on the 27th. But on March 27, Geyer claims she got a call from Liddell's attorney saying her son was in California with Chuck and would remain there until a custody hearing. The attorney said Cade wanted to remain in California with his father Chuck Liddell. Geyer told police Chuck had never had much interest in his son and didn't understand why he was now interested in custody. The police determined no criminal activity had occurred. Liddell went to court later during this week in Los Angeles to try and gain full custody of Cade but the court ruled the case should be heard in Colorado and hearing is set for this upcoming Tuesday.

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