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Dance prodigy in Psy's hit video aims for the stars

posted 21 Nov 2012, 15:48 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 21 Nov 2012, 15:48 ]

South Korea's seven-year-old dance prodigy known as "Little Psy" rises to stardom after showing off his moves in Psy's 'Gangnam Style' music video.

SEOULSOUTH KOREA  (YG ENTERTAINMENT)  South Korea's seven-year-old dance prodigy Hwang Min-woo is now aiming for the stars after his appearance in Psy's hit 'Gangnam Style' music video,

Hwang, who was a contestant on 'Korea's Got Talent 2' and 'Star King', is now known as "Little Psy" in his country.

He said he met Psy for the first time during the filming of the video.

"When I met Psy, he told me 'You really rocked when I saw you on television. Show me what you got today!' So I danced just like I did in the music video, then he said 'You are really awesome and have good talent.' It made me feel great," he said.

South Korea's second biggest electronics company LG recently made him a brand ambassador, appearing in a commercial that was shot in Hollywood.

Despite all the attention, Hwang said he doesn't tire of it.

"People ask me if I'm tired of being on television too frequently, but I never get tired. I will just dance with joy and just go crazy with it," the energetic seven-year-old said.

Hwang's mother said she discovered her son's love for dancing when he was just three months old. She said he used to stop crying and start moving his body whenever she played some music.

Recently, Hwang started taking professional lessons at a vocal and dance academy in Gwangju, 295km (183 miles) south of Seoul, where K-pop boy band Big Bang's Seungri and girl group Kara's Goo Ha-ra received training.

Hwang's dance instructor said the little boy has huge potential.

"Personally, I think Min-woo's dancing skills are excellent. He has great potential for the future. Despite he is just a little boy, he is full of energy. I think he can be a multi-talented entertainer who can show off many other talents if he gets more training," said Kim Dong-woo.

"Little Psy" says he thinks he will become a bigger star than the winner of Best Video at the recent MTV Europe awards.

"I will become a global star who is more famous than Psy. I will perform in the United StatesLondonFrance and the Philippines. I'll be more famous than Psy. I think I certainly can," Hwang said.

Hwang is set to fly to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand at the end of this month to perform for his fans abroad.