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DiCaprio Takes On The Wolf Of Wall Street

posted 18 Dec 2013, 14:38 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 18 Dec 2013, 14:39 ]


EVO - Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese unveil the greedy world of banking in their new film "The Wolf of Wall Street".

The duo teamed up at the movie's U.S. premiere in New York.

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The film, which hits U.S. theaters on December 25th, is already full of Oscar buzz after receiving Golden Globe nominations for both DiCaprio and Scorsese.

 Leonardo DiCaprio, actor,

"Of course nominations are wonderful and welcome. But the truth is the real victory here is actually getting this movie made. Because you really don't see films like this coming out of the Hollywood studio system very often. This is kind of a grand American epic about greed. It's like a modern day fall of the Roman Empire."

The film is based on the book by Jordan Belfort, a former trader who landed in jail in the 1990s after defrauding investors out of millions of dollars.

During filming, Scorsese allowed the actors to improvise, giving them rare creative freedom.

One off-the-cuff scene features Matthew McConaughey beating his chest and humming during lunch with DiCaprio's character.

Matthew McConaughey, actor, 

"It was something I was doing just before the take just to relax myself. And it was Leonardo's idea for me to bring it into the scene. We had the scene - the scene was done, we were happy with it. And Leonardo raised his hand and said hang on a second. He said 'try putting that in the scene,' so I said, 'ok.'"

Australian actress Margot Robbie swapped her Aussie tone for a Brooklyn accent to play DiCaprio's second wife.

On the red carpet Robbie was joined by her mother. Both say they're still in shock at the trajectory of her career.

Margot Robbie, actress, 

"It's really amazing. Neither of us ever expected any of this to happen obviously. So it's a little surreal, but it's really great."

The "Wolf of Wall Street" will be released in the UK on January 17, 2014.