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DirecTV's "Rogue" Hopes To Score With Audience

posted 28 Mar 2013, 06:34 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 28 Mar 2013, 06:35 ]

Stars of DirecTV's action drama "Rogue" attend premiere in Los Angeles on Tuesday night (March 26).

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIAUNITED STATES (MARCH 26, 2013) (REUTERS) - DirecTV's Hollywood premiere of its new crime drama, "Rogue," certainly had the feel of a major red carpet event - and that was exactly the idea behind the project that hopes to break new ground in a television series.

Stars Thandie Newton and Marton Csokas were among the stars showing up for Tuesday night's premiere of the series that will be DirecTV's first venture into original programming, following up on their success with Emmy-winning series "Damages" and "Friday Night Lights."

"Rogue" stars Newton as Grace Travis, a wife, mother of two, and the Bay area's best undercover detective. She's adept at transitioning between suburban life and the Oakland docks where she's been embedded for months with a criminal enterprise run by James "Jimmy" Laszlo and his sons, Max andAlec. Grace is abruptly pulled out of the field when her son, Sam, is killed in a drive-by shooting. Her life is shattered.

Four months later... The investigation into Sam's death has gone cold. Grace, guilt-ridden and unable to accept the loss, has begun to search for answers. With the help of her mentor, Mitch, a link is uncovered between Sam's death and Jimmy Laszlo's organization. Unable to convince her superiors that she is fit for duty, Grace goes ROGUE slipping back undercover as "Jackie Hays" in Laszlo's gang. When Laszlo discovers Grace's true identity, through his mole in the police department, they make an unholy alliance.

"You know that is the thing between Jimmy's character that Marton plays and my character, is that we have this unconventional bond by the end," explained Newton, who is best known for her role oppositeTom Cruise in "Mission Impossible II."

"Because we are both at the outside of our profession, I've gone rogue, undercover without police protection and illegal. He is also going outside of his world and wanting to exit. So, we are both in this sort of limbo. So, we end up joining forces and trying to help, well I don't know how much he is helping me, but, I am making him feel like I am helping him."

Senior Vice-President of DirecTV entertainment, Chris Long believes the show has the ability to draw in viewers.

"It's all on the screen," said Long. "A lot of the people that we work with they come with scripts and we are probably their second or third stop. They will go to HBO, they will go to Showtime, they will go to Starz and then they will come to us and say to themselves, 'Alright, we know your budget is a little less than them, but we can make it for that, but we have to be creative.' So we do a UK-Canadian treaty to get some tax incentives back, so you have to be really creative with your productions. Be creative with the deals you do with your talent and I think that is where the economy of scales come in. Then when you work with people the main focus is that you have to get people you trust."

"Rogue" also stars Joshua SasseMatthew Beard and Leah Gibson.

It premieres on DirecTV on Wednesday, April 3rd.