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Eddie Murphy top choice to host Oscars

posted 6 Sept 2011, 03:18 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 6 Sept 2011, 03:20 ]
Eddie Murphy is Brett Ratner's top choice to host this year's Oscars.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES HOLLYWOODTV - This year, director Brett Ratner has been named as the producer of the Academy Awards (aka The Oscars), and word has it he's found a favorite to host the show. Reports say that Ratner will meet with people behind the scenes on Tuesday and will recommend only one name for the host. It seems that Brett wants a certain Nutty Professor quality to this year's show, because Eddie Murphy is his top choice. No word yet on whether Eddie Murphy has spoken to Ratner about the show, or even whether he would be willing to do it. It would be nice to see Eddie on stage with a live microphone again, although we doubt it would resemble his 'Raw' days. For those keeping score, the hosts for the Oscars the last few years have been:

2010: James Franco, Anne Hathaway

2009: Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin

2008: Hugh Jackman

2007 & 2005: Jon Stewart

2006: Ellen DeGeneres

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