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Estonia To Cash In On Robbie Williams’ Stardom

posted 22 Aug 2013, 04:09 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 22 Aug 2013, 04:10 ]

Estonia strikes a deal with pop star Robbie Williams to promote the Baltic state in his performances. Williams chose the capital Tallinn to perform a concert transmitted live over the world and scenes ofEstonia are to be featured in the official DVD of Williams' tour and the pop star's Facebook and Twitter profiles.

 (ENTERPRISE ESTONIA/BGD HANDOUT) -  Estonia is telling the world about their tourist attractions through pop star Robbie Williams, who performed a concert transmitted world-wide out of capital Tallinn and agreed to include snapshots of the country in his promotional materials for his "Take the Crow" tour.

Estonia is known for its natural landscapes and the medieval architecture of Tallinn's old town, and the deal with Williams spreads the word to countries as distant as Brazil and Mexico.

According to promotion agency Enterprise Estonia, the 300 thousand euro deal is worth every penny.

"Estonia is a small country so we cannot compete with large countries in buying very expensive commercials in CNN or BBC or The Economist. So I think it's great that we can actually make product together with Robbie and it was great that we managed to get with production team this deal, that actually we get an excellent concert, record from here and also bits of Estonia so people get the atmosphere of here as well," said member of the board of Enterprise Estonia Martin Hirvoja.

Around 60 thousand people attended the concert on Tuesday (August 20) and millions of spectators watched it live in more than 700 cinema halls around the world.

"We are actually targeting to reach the audience of 30 million people around the world. And what is more important already now is that this live cinema broadcast will be in countries like Brazil andMexico for example which are not on our map of any sort of separate country promotion aims. So, what we achieved thanks to this cooperation is we achieve markets and countries where we don't have an independent activity record because it's not currently our focus country," Hirvoja added.

The deal between the artist and Enterprise Estonia also included promotion on the official "Take the Crow" tour DVD with the concert "Robbie Williams: Live in Tallinn".

The effectiveness of the ad campaign was also proved by Robbie Williams fans who followed the pop star to Estonia.

"No, I have never heard of Estonia before so it was surprise. I had no expectations but I love it," saidRobbie Williams fan from Canada David D'Amours-Fortier.

The participation of British superstar in promoting their country is also valued by young Tallinn residents, who often need to explain where Estonia is on their travels abroad.

"It's good for little Estonia if such a big star mentions Estonia or Estonia name runs through his promotional materials. It is a big thing," said Andre Poopuu.

"I think it is a good idea. Robbie Williams is such a big name so this is great," said another Tallinn resident Kerli Pajumaa.

Robbie Williams is currently the best-selling solo artist in UK, with over 70 million records sold world- wide and 17 BRIT Awards.

In 2004 he was inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame after being voted as the most successful British musician of the 1990's.