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Eurovision Song Contest announces finalists

posted 25 May 2012, 05:07 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 25 May 2012, 05:07 ]

Eurovision pop song contest chooses the second group of ten finalists for May 26 grand final in Baku Crystal Hall.

BAKU, AZERBAIJAN (MAY 24, 2012) (REUTERS) - Finalists of the second Semi Final round of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest were chosen on Thursday (May 24), with tensions high in Baku's Crystal Hall.

Out of 18 countries Lithuania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Ukraine, Sweden, Macedonia, Norway, Estonia, Malta and Turkey were chosen to move on to compete in the Eurovision final to be held on May 26.

Excited and happy, the finalists shared their first emotions with journalists at an after-show news conference.

"I'm going to do it even better. I'm going to sing even better in the final, because I will be more relaxed. And thank you for your support, Ukraine and all the Europe," Ukraine's entry, Gaitana, who came under fire from nationalist in her country as a "wrong choice," told the audience.

Loreen from Sweden, who leads the list of several bookmakers' charts as the possible winner of this year's contest, said that she felt euphoric, referring to the title of her song.

"Oh, I know that this is a classical one, but I actually feel euphoric. Yes. I'm in a zone, I'm in a state of mind, where I just feel happy. So, I'm very, very happy about this," Loreen said.

But she found a way not to answer questions regarding her meeting with the Azeri opposition hours before the semi-final.

"What I can say, there is two parts of me. One that is private and one that is my work that I'm doing here. And just today I want to keep the focus on this energy that we created right now. Yes," she said firmly.

Kurt Calleja from Malta had a message for his audience and fans.

"I think the most important thing was what I say in the song - "believe and achieve." And, you know, I think we've done something very positive because this is really something what I want to transmit to my audience and to my fans. If you can conceive something in your mind, you just have to believe in your dream and you can achieve it. Just believe in it. You know you can do it," Calleja said encouraging his supporters to strive for achievements.

Emotional Kaliopi from Macedonia first surprised and then touched the audience with her personal experience when she tried to find her ex-husband in the conference room.

"I have really one big question for all of you: "Where is my ex-husband now," she asked. And after finding Romeo Grill, the author of her entry song, she thanked him.

"Come on, Romeo! I'd like to say thanks a lot. Yes, thanks a lot. I know now that's it's a very good thing to stay in a good relationship with ex-husband. He made my song. You make me happy. Not only me, many people. Thanks," Kaliopi said with almost breaking voice.

Romania, Moldova, Island, Hungary, Denmark, Albania, Cyprus, Greece, Russia and Island were chosen in the first semi-final held on May 22 to move on to compete in the Eurovision final.

Azerbaijan, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom will join 20 finalists of two qualifying rounds of the contest at its last stage on May 26, when Europe chooses its Eurovision winner.