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Finnish documentary, 'Canned dreams' tells the human story of food globalisation

posted 18 Feb 2012, 09:23 by Sam Mbale

A Swedish man has survived after purportedly being trapped for two months inside his snow-covered car. Police say the man managed to drink melted snow but had nothing to eat.

A Swedish man has been rescued after being trapped inside his snowed-in car for two months, authorities said on Saturday (February 18).
Police said the man was in his mid-forties and "barely alive," after surviving since mid-December on a deserted road in northern Sweden, near the two of Umeaa.

He told police that he had scraped by chipping off ice and snow from the car and eating it.

"He was in a very poor state. Poor condition," Ebbe Nyberg from the Umeaa police said.

"He said he'd been there for a long time and survived on a little snow," he added.

The man, who local media reports is from southern Sweden and had a sleeping bag in the car with him, drove off a main road two kilometres (1.2 miles) into the deep forest the week before Christmas.

He is now in intensive care at the Umeaa University Hospital, according to local media reports.

"He himself says he has not eaten anything since December 19," Nyberg said.

Europe has been gripped be severely cold weather and snowfalls this month and the road the man was found on had not been ploughed since December.

Local media said a man on a snowscooter first spotted the car whilst out driving past on Friday (February 17).

When he scraped snow off the window and peered inside he noticed movements and raised the alarm.