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Fleetwood Mac Readies 2013 Concert Tour

posted 25 Jan 2013, 14:46 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 25 Jan 2013, 14:46 ]

After more than four decades making music, Fleetwood Mac prepares to hit the road again for a 2013 tour.

WARNER BROS. RECORDS - Fleetwood Mac is going their own way, and that way will take them all across North America. The iconic band, who have been making music now for more than 40 years, is gearing up for a 47-stop tour.

Member Stevie Nicks said fans will be in for a treat.

"They can expect a great show. We'll go in and do what we always do, basically, which is we have our 10 hits and then you have the other 12, 13, 14 songs that can be anything. So that's always the kind of Magical Mystery Tour of the whole thing. We write them all down, we stick them up on the wall and we play everything," said Nicks.

After frequent changes to the lineup since the band formed in 1967, the 2013 tour will feature Nicks and guitarist Lindsey Buckingham, who joined the band in 1975, as well as founding members Mick Fleetwood on drums and John McVie on bass.

While much of the band has moved on to solo careers, Buckingham said that those solo acts only strengthen the band as a whole.

"Stevie and I both have had new solo works in the last two years and that's where your growth, where your risk taking happens, where you keep aspiring to be an artist, and you bring all that back to the band, so it's kind of two different things that have found a balance with each other, the big and the small, and I think they clearly inform each other and at this point wouldn't exist without each other."

The "Fleetwood Mac Live 2013" tour will launch on April 4 in ColumbusOhio, and wrap up on July 6 in SacramentoCalifornia. The concert run coincides with the 35th anniversary of the group's blockbuster 1977 album, "Rumours," which landed them four hit singles and sold more than 40 million copies worldwide. An expanded version of that album will be released by Rhino Records on January 29th.