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Floyd Mayweather, Jr. gets no mercy from judge!

posted 14 Jun 2012, 04:44 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 14 Jun 2012, 04:45 ]

Boxing superstar, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. gets no special treatment while in jail

A judge will not grant Floyd Mayweather, Jr's request

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES (FEBRUARY 28, 2012) (HOLLYWOODTV) - Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is not winning with a Nevada judge... Floyd had begged the court to let him finish out his sentence for domestic violence on house arrest, because he's dehydrated and malnourished and it's taking a toll on his body and putting his boxing career in jeopardy. But, a judge denied Mayweather's request, ordering him to serve out the remainder of his 3-month sentence behind bars. 

According to court documents, the judge called out Mayweather's claim that he's dehydrated behind bars, saying the boxer's condition is "self-induced as water is made available to Floyd twenty-four hours a day." The judge also addressed Floyd's claims of his food by saying, "Floyd chooses not to eat the food provided." The judge also talked about Floyd's complaint that he can't train at a world class level while serving his time saying, "While the training areas and times provided to Floyd may not be consistent with his prior regimen, he is needed provided sufficient space and time for physical activity if he so chooses."

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