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Gaga protesters and fans mix at Seoul concert venue

posted 27 Apr 2012, 08:38 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 27 Apr 2012, 08:38 ]

Protesters rally against Lady Gaga while her fans gather in "Monster" fashion outside the concert venue in Seoul as she kicks off her world tour, "The Born This Way Ball".

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA (APRIL 27, 2012) (REUTERS) - South Korean protesters staged a prayer meeting in protest against U.S. pop singer Lady Gaga in Seoul on Friday (April 27) ahead of her debut concert for her latest world tour.

Lady Gaga is performing at Seoul's main Olympic Stadium on the first leg of "The Born This Way Ball". It will be her second visit to South Korea.

About 30 Christians staged a protest prayer meeting near the concert venue, denouncing her performances in her show.

"She's doing a hellish performance, a ritual of blood --- all the parents in South Korea are worried about it," a 39-year-old anonymous protester said.

Two foreigners held a separate protest, holding up banners with the words, "Sexual Purity, Virginity and Fidelity".

"Lady Gaga has a negative influence for youth, she behaves in a decadent way, decadent, sexually corrupt, and it does not help young people and does not help good families," said 59-year-old New Zealander Mr. Jong, who is living in South Korea.

Some conservative Christian groups in South Korea have criticized the sexual content, and her advocacy of homosexuality, as well as the "twisting" of religious iconography in the show.

The hit song "Born This Way" celebrates the empowerment of gay men and women, something that many in South Korea, which is the second most Christian country in Asia after the Philippines, say is an immoral lifestyle.

South Korean fans under the age of 18 are banned from attending the concert since the Korea Media Rating Board elevated the age restrictions from 12 to 18 - the age restrictions for her 2009 concert was 12.

However, crowds of fans waited outside the venue from early morning for the concert which began at eight o'clock at night local time.

Many arrived at the venue from early morning in an attempt to be qualify for the so-called "Monster Pit", a special area reserved for Gaga's most dedicated fans.

"I waited for her return for three years. I came here in the morning so I could get a place in the 'Monster Pit' - I am very happy to be here," said 26-year-old Kang Hye-ri.

Many closely followed their idol's dress sense.

"This crown is similar to the one she wears in 'Bad Romance', and I myself made the glasses similar to the ones shown on 'The Fame' album cover. I have been here since eight o'clock in the morning," said 26-year-old Amy Lee.

The Born This Way Ball will be staged on a set decorated as a Gothic castle, featuring viewing towers and intricate carvings.