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Haim, Laura Mvula and Tom Odell amongst artists tipped for success in 2013

posted 5 Jan 2013, 05:19 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 5 Jan 2013, 05:20 ]

Music industry experts give their predictions for the acts who are set to make it big in 2013, with artists mentioned including HaimPalma Violets and Tom Odell.

LONDON, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM (JANUARY 4, 2012) (REUTERS) - Three sisters from Los Angeles producing fun and infectious folk-pop could be the tonic that chart music needs to lift it from what some experts are calling a creative slump.

As music channels, journalists and record labels step up their search for the "next big thing" in 2013, the Fleetwood Mac-inspired Haim sisters have appeared in a growing number of lists produced at the start of each year.

They include MTV's "Brand New for 2013" survey and the band topped BBC's "Sound of 2013" poll on Friday (January 4) decided by over 200 experts.

Paul Stokes, Associate Editor at Q Magazine was upbeat about music in 2013 saying there are a range of artists breaking through:

"I think it will be really exciting for 2013, there seems to be a real mix and variety of stars out there, there is a young British band - Palma Violets, from London who have been hosting house parties in their house down in Southwark and that should be really cool, that's a very exciting record. There's Laura Mvula fromBirmingham who has this sort of jazzy feel but amazing harmonized vocals and real percussive element to her music, and of course there is Haim who won theBBC 2013 poll, they are three sisters from the west coast of America who do this sort of really beautiful harmonized Fleetwood Mac style music." He told Reuters Television on Friday (January 4).

Haim is made up of Este, Alana and Danielle, all in their early- to mid-20s - as energetic as they are photogenic and signed to the Polydor label in Britain.

Palma Violets, a London-based indie quartet and Laura Mvula an English soul singer-songwriter are also longlisted on the BBC's annual survey whose past winners include chart queen Adele and 50 Cent.

As for music awards, Stokes has a few acts he thinks will pick up trophies:

"In terms of awards for this year you've always had Tom Odell already who's won the Brits Critics Choice at this year's ceremony, so he will get a prize. But I think looking further ahead to the Q Awards come October Palmas are gonna be in there, I think Haim will make a big impact. Azealia Banks who I have mentioned before is a real personality I think that will really cut through and make an impact."

Meanwhile from a retailer's point of view, Head of Press and PR at HMV in LondonGennaro Castaldo is postive about the year ahead:

"In terms of how people consume music, I mean that is well documented now that it's changing so much people can enjoy it and discover it in so many different ways, CDs remain a key part of that we shouldn't forget that the majority of album purchases are on a CD format - where downloads have really taken off is with singles and the individual tracks that people consume." He said.

And he says there are plenty of new albums to look forward to:

"There are some great albums coming out this year -- we've got Biffy Clyro back,Paolo Nutini with a brand new release, Arcade Fire, Lady Gaga, who knows maybe Adele will have a new album - which would excite everybody. So there are always some good releases."