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Henry Cavill: You Can't Prepare For Superman Stardom

posted 12 Jun 2013, 17:10 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 12 Jun 2013, 17:10 ]

British actor Henry Cavill says 'there's no way you can be prepared' for Superman stardom at the Man of Steel European premiere, while co-star Russell Crowe talks about the strict diet he and his co-stars had to follow.

LONDON, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM (JUNE 12, 2013) (REUTERS) -  British actor Henry Cavill said that it's impossible to prepare for Superman-level stardom as he attended the European premiere of director Zack Snyder's dark and gritty "Man of Steel" in a rain-soaked London on Wednesday (June 12).

Cavill, 30, is so far best known for 16th century TV drama "The Tudors" and the 2011 fantasy film "Immortals" but he has flown under the radar of most movie-goers until now.

"There's no way you can prepare for it. I think it's just riding the wave and rolling with the punches when they come," he told Reuters Television.

"Man of Steel" tells the origins story of Superman and his alter-ego Clark Kent, who was first animated into life in June 1938 by comic book artist Joe Shuster and writerJerry Siegel.

The film begins with Superman's birth on the planet Krypton, and as the last hope for his people's survival, his parents send him to Earth to escape an insurrection by General Zod, played by "Boardwalk Empire" actor Michael Shannon.

The studio, Warner Brothers, hopes it can re-launch a new series of Superman films after its 2006 offering, "Superman Returns" and its leading man Brandon Routh, failed to live up to box office expectations. But Cavill says he's not feeling the pressure.

"The job's done now on my behalf. Now it's just about enjoying it and showing the world the movie," he said. "The funny thing about Hollywood is that it can either take you or leave you and you genuinely have no idea what's going to happen so I couldn't possibly speak for Hollywood," he said when asked about fellow cast member Antje Traue's chances of finding long-term Hollywood success.

The star-studded cast also includes Russell Crowe who plays Jor-El, Superman's father in Krypton. He said Cavill was dealing well with his new-found fame.

"Listen, Henry's very very capable. You never know necessarily, regardless of how well people present themselves, if they're going to be able to handle this type of pressure, because it is a lot of pressure and there's a lot of expectations," Crowe said.

Crowe also revealed that a number of members of the cast were placed on a strict diet and gym regime during production.

"There was four of us -- Henry, me, Michael and Antje (Traue) -- who all had the same deal. Basically when you sign on you have to sign on for x amount of months of really intense training but you also have to sign a long form contract that says you will only for four months eat the food that Warner Brothers provide you, you know," he said.

"Man of Steel" will be released in the U.S. on June 14th.