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Hunger Game Fans Catch Fire

posted 22 Nov 2013, 10:26 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 22 Nov 2013, 10:26 ]



When "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" debuts, industry analysts believe it will set international box offices ablaze.

Fans seemed to agree as they lined up for hours around the globe to be the first to see the movie.

Christina Rosse, fan

"I think that the sequel in any franchise, you already have the audience pull, the story is so captivating, it kind of walks the line of being really, really graphic but so appealing to mass audiences."

The original "Hunger Games" was a smash in the United States and Canada, but pulled in less than half of those box office grosses overseas.

To lift global sales for "Catching Fire," the studio sent actress Jennifer Lawrenceand her co-stars on a whirlwind tour with premieres in five European cities in five days.

By the time the film's heroine pulls back her bow on November 22, "Catching Fire" will be playing in 65 markets around the world including China, a simultaneous opening the studio set to dramatize the movie's debut as a international event.