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Jackie Chan’s K-Pop Band JJCC Debuts In Seoul

posted 21 Mar 2014, 08:46 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 21 Mar 2014, 08:46 ]

A new K-pop boyband JJCC who was cast and trained by Hong Kong movie star Jackie Chan makes their first appearance on a South Korean television show.

SEOULSOUTH KOREA (MARCH 20, 2014) (CJ E&M) - A new K-pop boyband JJCC (pronounced 'double J-C') who was cast and trained by Hong Kong movie star Jackie Chan made its debut in Seoul on Thursday (March 20).

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JJCC, which stands for Jackie Chan's Joint Culture, consists of four South Korean members, SimBa,E.co, Eddy and San-Cheong as well as one Chinese-Australian member, Prince Mak, all of whom are in their early 20s.

The boyband made their first appearance on a cable network music show M Countdown on Thursday and showed off the singing and dancing skills they had been working on for four years.

One member said he will try to live up to expectations of 'big brother' Jackie Chan.

"It's fifty-fifty. It raises expectations while increasing a burden. If we're not good, we would bring shame on our 'big brother''s reputation. Anyway, it's already started, so what can I do? I will do my best and make an effort," said member Eddy.

Even though all members have been trained by a Chinese agency, they are confident in succeeding as a Korean pop group.

"Our 'big brother' really likes South Korea, and he has lived here before. He is very familiar with the country. So I think South Korean people would feel neither a sense of distance nor feel offended by us," member E.co said.

Their manager said Jackie Chan's experience and name are bonuses.

"He is praised by Chinese people as a living legend. I think it is an advantage we have when we enter Chinese markets. There does not seem to us to be any great problem," said a marketing team manager of The Jackie Chan Group Korea, Shim Hyun-ki.

The boyband said Chan is like a father figure to them and has let them use his private jet.

Ahead of their debut, JJCC came out on the streets to met fans in Seoul on March 13.

Fans screamed and were enthusiastic about JJCC making appearance to the public.

"I think they will become very popular as soon as they debut. They are super cute, handsome and kind. They're really cool," said 17-year-old South Korean fan, Noh Eun-jung.

JJCC is planning to start attending media events in Hong Kong and Taiwan from next month.