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Jennifer Aniston sports 'baby bump' in video spoof

posted 18 Sept 2012, 13:28 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 18 Sept 2012, 13:28 ]

Jennifer Aniston pokes fun at her celebrity lifestyle in spoof video ad for SmartWater.

SMARTWATER - Jennifer Aniston's personal life has been fodder for tabloids since she made a name for herself as Rachel on the hit sitcom, "Friends." The 43 year old actress has taken the chance to hit back at the gossip with a new video spoof as part of an ad campaign for SmartWater.

Ryan Seacrest kicks off the video anchoring a fake news report that shows leaked home security tapes of the actress which reveal some of her biggest secrets.

Aniston is shown removing a giant belt to show off that she is pregnant with triplets. Also in the video, comedian Jimmy Kimmel makes a cameo as her adult son who she's hiding from the public and at the end of the spoof, Aniston reveals that her trademark hairstyle is actually just a wig.

In real life, Aniston recently got engaged to boyfriend Justin Theroux, inspiring more rumors about the possibility of her being pregnant.