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Justin Timberlake Presents New Gamling Thriller With Ben Affleck

posted 2 Sept 2013, 08:42 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 2 Sept 2013, 08:43 ]

Justin Timberlake presents gambling thriller "Runner Runner" with Ben Affleck and Gemma Arterton where he dives into the murky world of unauthorised online poker.

 (TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX) -  Justin TimberlakeBen Affleck and Gemma Arterton star in the new gambling thriller 'Runner Runner' as they try to get ahead in the murky world of unauthorized online poker.

Timberlake plays the Princeton student, Richie, who is cheated out of his tuition money by an online poker website.

Travelling to Costa Rica to confront the site's corrupt boss Ivan's (Affleck), Richie is eventually seduced into Ivan's world of easy, instant and limitless wealth, and eventually becomes the right-hand man to him.

Ivan, impressed by Richie's technological savvy takes the younger man under his wing to teach him the ropes. It is only when he meets and falls for Ivan's associate, Rebecca Shafran (Arterton)does he realize that he's facing his greatest gamble. This is also when he learns that Ivan is being chased by the FBI for racketeering, extortion and bribery.

Timberlake, presenting his new film at a news conference in Berlin on Monday (September 2) said that albeit the issue of gambling is a very important one, he is probably the wrong person

to ask about that.

"I don't gamble a lot myself," he admitted. "So maybe I don't have a good authority to speak on that. But I guess from my point of view or if I were to think about it, I think it's just a chance that you could win yourself a lot of money... It's the chance that it could afford you a short-cut in life. And some people win and some people loose. But the odds of winning at gambling are extremely low."

He went on that he does not fall for all the monetary benefits which come so easy to him.

"I'm the type of person that I would live in a smaller house and - you know- be on a budget if it meant I got to continue doing what I love to do," he said at the news conference.

But even a staunch non-gambler like Timberlake falls into the trap every now and then.

"Being 32 and trying to dance that much again at the VMAs, that was gambling," he laughs. "Gotta get these old bones moving..."

Timberlake also denied that he was out to play a part of Robin in the next Batman movie.

"Something I said recently got completely - not surprisingly- but got completely misinterpreted. But no, I have no desire to be any type of super hero. No no no, I could never live up to those types of standards."

'Runner, Runner' is co-produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, and directed by Brad Furman (TheLincoln Lawyer) and opens on December 5 in Germany.