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Kanye West Reveals Photo Of Daughter, North

posted 24 Aug 2013, 03:30 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 24 Aug 2013, 03:30 ]
20TH TELEVISION/FOX - Kanye West revealed the first picture of North West - his daughter with Kim Kardashian - onKris Jenner's talk show on Friday (August 23). Side-stepping the celebrity tradition of getting paid large sums of money to reveal baby pictures, West opted to show the photo of the baby girl in the final minutes of her grandmother Jenner's show. The picture shows North, who was born in June, clad in a dark outfit, gazing at the camera with her left arm outstretched and a wisp of dark hair curling down her forehead. Jenner said the baby had Kardashian's eyes and West's cheeks.