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Kardashians use slave labor

posted 21 Dec 2011, 10:36 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 21 Dec 2011, 10:37 ]

The Kardashians are rumored to be using slave labor

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (2/4/2011) (HOLLYWOODTV) - According to a news report the Kardashians have been using slave labor to make their retail products which generate millions of dollars for the reality show family. A human rights organization is investigating claims that workers in China are working in harsh conditions to produce merchandise for the K-Dash by Kardashian label, the Kris Jenner Kollection and ShoeDazzle. Also there are claims that some of the workers are as young as 16 years old and that the employees work up to 84 hours a week, earning only $1 an hour. According to matriarch Kris Kardashian, "As far as I know the factories that are used to manufacture the Dardashian clothing and shoes have mothing terrible going on at all and the factories are very well policed and meet factory standards". However, Kris Kardashian says that she has never visited the factories in China herself.

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