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Lady Gaga Hopes To Be First To Sing In Space

posted 11 Nov 2013, 13:22 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 11 Nov 2013, 13:25 ]

Vanity Fair magazine confirms Lady Gaga will be the first artist to sing in space in 2015.

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORKUNITED STATES (NOVEMBER 10, 2013) (REUTERS) -  After being the first woman to don a flying dress, Lady Gaga said she hopes to be the first singer to perform in outer space.

Vanity Fair magazine reported that on Sunday (November 10) that during the launch party of her new album "ARTPOP", the 27-year-old singer confirmed the rumors.

Us Weekly reported last week that a source told the celebrity magazine that Gaga will join a Virgin Galactic mission that is set to launch in early 2015.

It said that she was taking vocal lessons to train for the atmospheric difference.

Virgin Galactic will launch next year and seats to outer space cost $250,000 (USD).

Vanity Fair reports that Gaga did not pay for her ticket and that it was a gift. She will be flying to space two months after Virgin Galactic first commercial flight takes off.

Virgin Galactic is an offshoot of Richard Branson's Virgin Group and is the most visible of a handful of companies developing spaceships for tourism, research, educational and business purposes.

In her quest to be the first artist to sing in space, Gaga potentially faces competion from British singer Sarah Brightman, who last month announced she bought a seat on a Russian spaceship bound for the International Space Station in October of 2015.