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Leonardo DiCaprio wants New York City to ban Shark fins!

posted 5 Jun 2012, 06:37 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 5 Jun 2012, 06:38 ]

Leonardo DiCaprio calls for New York Shark fin ban!

Leonardo DiCaprio fights to ban Shark fins in NYC!

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES (NOVEMBER 03, 2011) (HOLLYWOODTV) - Leonardo DiCaprio was key in getting Shark fin soup banned in California. Now, Leonardo DiCaprio is going after New York! There is a pending Shark fin bill in New York and he's calling on people to support it! Leonardo tweeted, "We did it in Cali. C'mon #NewYork! RT @Oceana. Time is running out for bill banning trade of #shark fins. Act now: http://ow.ly/biCvc." The bill would ban the possession, sale, and trade of shark fins in New York. Oceana, the organization in charge of the movement, said, "Tens of millions of sharks are caught each year for their fins, and in some places these sharks are finned alive, a brutal practice in which a shark's fins are hacked off at sea, and the animal is thrown overboard to die."

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