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Lindsay Lohan ordered to seek therapy

posted 22 Jul 2011, 07:51 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 22 Jul 2011, 07:55 ]
Lindsay Lohan ordered to see a therapist or her probation will be revoked.


  Lindsay Lohan was back in court yesterday for a progress hearing in her jewelry theft case, and Judge Stephanie Sautner had a few issues with the progress of Lindsay's probation. Lindsay has been tough to reach and has been slacking on her community service, and has of yet completed 33 of her required 480 hours. "She can't be nickel and diming these hours." Sautner warned, "Trust me, she is going to get held to that deadline. She is not going to get five more minutes. I know there is a movie deal. I will not take into consideration - 'sorry I'm at the Gotti movie' - I will not do it." Sautner also was concerned with Lindsay's failure to enrol in psychological counseling. Lindsay has claimed concerns about the cost of counseling and whether it would be covered by her insurance. Sautner didn't seem very sympathetic to Lohan's concerns, stating, "She needs to find an individual therapist that takes a credit card. If i don't have proof in 21 days, I will revoke probation." Lindsay has until August 11 to submit proof of enrollment in counseling.

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