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Madonna releases her first fragrance "Truth or Dare."

posted 12 Apr 2012, 18:49 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 12 Apr 2012, 18:55 ]

Madonna releases her new fragrance "Truth of Dare" at Mace's in New York.

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES (APRIL 12, 2012) (REUTERS) - Smelling like Madonna just got a little easier. The queen of pop has officially released her first fragrance, "Truth of Dare."

Floral, balanced with woods make up the perfume, with the scent of vanilla and caramelized amber setting the aroma apart from other floral fragrances. Madonna said the goal of the fragrance was to create a scent that reminded her of her mother, who always smelled like Gardenias and Tuberose.

On the red carpet Madonna explained why it was time to bottle her scent.

"I'm not into doing a fragrance just, and putting my name on it, I love perfume and I wanted it to smell a specific way and they were willing to put in the time and back me up to get it just right. So, that's why," Madonna told Reuters.

Senior perfumer Stephen Nilsen from Givaudan Fragrances, the company behind the fragrance, said Madonna was easy to work.

"She has an amazing nose, she really knew what she was doing and she made this fragrance really her own," said Nilsen.

The Material Girl was not only involved with what went into the bottle, but also the packaging. The pop-star teamed with Fabien Baron to create a white and gold bottle with a logo they say represents truth and spirituality.

When it came time to crown her fragrance with a name, she chose a name that reflected the honesty and defiance of the odor.

"To tell you the truth it was the first one that was suggested to me and at first I said no, that's too much and then we tried a bunch of other ones out and it kept coming back, coming back, so it seemed like the right one," Madonna explained.

Madonna is in the middle of rehearsals for her world tour and said she keeps things fresh and exciting by creating different scenarios.

"Coming up with different characters and being inspired by different things for each song," said Madonna.

300 lucky fans were invited to a special question and answer session with Madonna after the red carpet.

"Truth or Dare" will be available exclusively at Macy's starting April 2012 and at all specialty stores starting in January 2013.