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Mandy Moore is Disney's latest princess

posted 23 Nov 2010, 13:43 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 23 Nov 2010, 13:45 ]

Mandy Moore lends her voice to the leading role of Disney's latest animated film, "Tangled."

WALT DISNEY PICTURES - American actress and singer Mandy Moore leads the cast of Disney's 50th animated film "Tangled," which is the latest modern re-telling of the classic German tale of Rapunzel.

Moore stars in the role of Rapunzel, a young girl who has been forced to live in a tower all of her life under the supervision of a witch. Little does young Rapunzel know that she is actually a princess who was kidnapped by a villainous witch who she believes to be her mother, Mother Gothel.

However, on the day of her eighteenth birthday, Rapunzel receives an unexpected visit from the kingdom's most wanted thief, Flynn Ryder, with whom she decides to escape in order to discover the world she only knows through the windows of her tower.

Moore is excited to be a part of Disney's new 3D project.

"To be the voice of a Disney princess in general, let alone for the 50th Disney animated film is quite an undertaking. But, I actually didn't feel too much pressure," says Moore. "I think I was more excited to be the voice of Rapunzel and to just be a part of all of the excitement and all the rigmarole that comes along with it."

Zachary Levi, best known for his leading role on NBC's "Chuck", is the voice of the notorious Flynn Ryder. Both he and Moore are happy with their experiences as animated characters and their collaborations for the musical portions of the film.

"Hello, the world needs to know that that is Zach singing in the film and he is a ridiculously amazing singer" said Moore.

Co-starring in this film are Tony award winning actress Donna Murphy as Mother Gothel and comedic actors Brad Garrett and Jeffrey Tambor as a pair of pub thugs.

"Tangled" hits US theaters the 24th of November.