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Marilyn Monroe's star power still shines

posted 5 Aug 2012, 04:52 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 5 Aug 2012, 04:52 ]

USA-Marilyn Monroe -- Marilyn Monroe's star power still shines

CCTV BEIJING - The star power of Marilyn Monroe is still shining more than 50 years after her death as tens of thousands of fans are expected to descend on Los Angeles to remember her life on Sunday.

Just walk through Hollywood and one would be bombarded by her timeless presence. A plethora of best-selling books and award-winning stage plays about her life show that she's a multi-billion-dollar brand indeed, even multiple decades after her death. Even today Marilyn Monroe's star continues its walk of fame.

"We've got them from Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand," said Mary Simms, the president of Immortal Marilyn Fan Club.

Hanna Nixon, an impersonator of Marilyn Monroe based in Scotland, traveled 4,000 miles to honor this American idol. She explained why Marilyn has such an international appeal even 50 years after her death.

"She's human. She wasn't afraid to show her fragility," said Hanna.

And fans are not afraid to show their love.

"There was a 6-year-old girl at the memorial service with a Marilyn Monroe Barbie doll and I just thought 'Wow, Marilyn just reaches all ages'. It's really incredible," said Scott Fortner, the Marilyn Monroe collector and exhibition curator.

"Well I have 12 of her gowns from her movies. I have furniture from her home. I have her director's chair. I have scripts of hers, contracts, autographed checks," said Greg Schreiner, the president of Marilyn Remembered.

A week which culminates at Marilyn's Childhood theater, the El Portal Complex, will be renamed in Marilyn's honor; parts of it, like the lipstick red loveseat, have already been redesigned to reflect all that.

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