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Martin Sheen on son, Charlie

posted 25 Feb 2011, 03:47 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 25 Feb 2011, 03:50 ]
Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez talk about supporting their son and brother, troubled actor Charlie Sheen, at the UK Premiere of The Way
REUTERS / ICON ENTERTAINMENT - Hollywood veteran Martin Sheen was joined by son Emilio Estevez at the London premiere of their latest collaboration, "The Way".

Playing father and son on-screen, Estevez also directs Sheen in the film as a grieving parent whose son has died while trekking to Santiago de Compostela, a point of pilgrimage in the north west of Spain.

The father takes up his son's journey, walking the 500-mile pilgrimage route, known as The Way of St James, from the French Pyrenees to the Spanish city's Cathedral.

The project was a deeply personal one that the father-son team had been planning for several years.

But while the experience of making the film was personal, Sheen said the subject matter was something everyone could relate to.

Martin Sheen, actor, saying:

"I think people are longing for transcendence, particularly in the West, you know. I think we seek to touch the sacred somehow you know I think that's why people use drugs and alcohol they're looking for some transcendent experience in their live and the actual work of finding that transcendence is a journey inward and it's something -- it's very exciting and a very worthwhile journey, it's not always smooth."

At the premiere, Sheen and Estevez also spoke about son and brother Charlie Sheen who has fought a highly publicised battle with drugs.

They said their family was praying for the "Two and a Half Men" star.

Emilio Estevez, actor, syaing:

"Yeah, we're praying for him, yep."

Martin Sheen, actor, saying :

"We lift him up and we ask everyone who cares about him to lift him up and lift up all of those who are in the grip of drug and alcohol abuse. Because they too are looking for transcendence."

The older Sheen who has worked with both sons several times over the years said he hoped he would be able to work with them together again.

Martin Sheen, actor, saying:

"That would be another miracle and we'd look forward to it, very much. So, yes."

"The Way", which is also produced by Sheen's second son Ramon, opens in UK cinemas in April.

Doug MacLaurin, Reuters.