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McConaughey brings "Mud" to Sundance

posted 20 Jan 2013, 04:58 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 20 Jan 2013, 04:59 ]

Matthew McConaughey kicked off the American debut of southern drama "Mud" in casual style, a stark contrast to the black tie launch the film had at Cannes.

PARK CITYUTAHUNITED STATES (JANUARY 19, 2013) (REUTERS) - Matthew McConaughey opted for his warm casual clothes over his tuxedo for the Sundance premiere of "Mud." The coming-of-age tale set on the Mississippi River first premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in May to positive reviews. Close to a year later the film made it's American debut.

McConaughey said he was enjoying his first time at the festival in Park City, comparing it to the French Riviera.

"It felt very international. This to me, maybe because I'm here with "Mud" which is a very American film, feels more national. This is a very American film," said McConaughey.

"Like I said, this is my first time, I had a good day today. Had a fun time today. I had no idea there was so much business going on other than films!"

"Mud," which makes its home on the Mississippi River, echoes Mark Twain and his novel "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn." It centers on Ellis - played by up-and-coming actor Tye Sheridan.

Sheridan had his own Huck Finn connections to the film.

"It's so cool because both of the boys, we were reading "Huckleberry Finn" on the side with our tutors. And to read about that river and then go out and go to work on that river and it was just amazing. It wasn't like work, it was like paradise," said Sheridan.

In the film, Sheridan's character and his best friend Neckbone, comes across the mysterious Mud (McConaughey) who is living alone on an island. The boys discover he is on the run for a serious crime, but has come back to the area to find the love of his life Juniper, played by Reese Witherspoon, whom he dreams of whisking away to Mexico by sea.

"Mud" is scheduled to hit theaters across the U.S. on April 26.