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Mexican beauty queen loses title over weight gain

posted 12 Aug 2011, 12:09 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 12 Aug 2011, 12:12 ]
Mexican beauty queen says she was fired for gaining a few pounds; organisers say lack of discipline to blame.

MONTERREY, NUEVO LEON, MEXICO AUGUST 11, 2011) REUTERS - The cut-throat beauty pageantry industry has claimed another victim with a Mexican beauty queen saying she was dethroned for putting on a mere 2.7kgs (6lbs).

On a publicity trail that included an interview on Good Morning America, ousted beauty queen Cynthia de la Vega has taken to the mass media to drum up support for her claims that pageant organisers unjustly stripped her of her title for a small weight gain, scuttling her plans to represent Mexico in the upcoming Miss World competition.

De la Vega said officials from the Nuestra Belleza beauty pageant began pressuring here after she gained a little bit of weight.

"I gained around 6lbs of weight and that's when everything started, problems started and the pressure and some stress. I started to get stressed and everything started going wrong but I want to be very specific, that this is something about weight and not indiscipline," said de la Vega.

The ousted beauty queen lashed out at Mexico's first-ever Miss Universe Lupita Jones, who she said was involved in her very public dismissal.

"I know it's not a bad experience because this is just a question of weight. If you are a skeleton then for her (Lupita Jones) you will be excellent and there will not be a problem. 

In my case you have to lose weight because this is what happened to me and because of this things didn't work out," added de la Vega.

Mexico's Nuestra Belleza pageant is the country's premiere beauty event run by the former Miss Universe. Jones has vehemently denied that weight was the reason for de la 

Vega's dismissal, blaming her lack of discipline and failure to perform the ceremonial obligations of the crown as the reasons behind her dethroning.

"It is important to be clear that contrary to what her family is saying the issue of weight was not the fundamental reason for the decision to remove her. Our decision was taken because of the lack of discipline and commitment that she showed throughout her more than six months of preparation," said the former Miss Universe.

Beauty pageants are often seen by young women in Mexico as a fast track to fame and fortune with past winners receiving national media exposure and lucrative media opportunities. The current holder of the Miss Universe crown, Mexican's own Jimena Navarrete, has gone on to become the official face of L'Oreal Paris and an inspiration for millions of young girls in the Latin American country.