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Michelle Williams says her latest film is a coming-of-age story

posted 23 Apr 2012, 15:20 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 23 Apr 2012, 15:21 ]

Michelle Williams and Luke Kirby talk about their latest film, "Take This Waltz" on the red carpet at New York's Tribeca Film Festival.

TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL / MAGNOLIA PICTURES  - Academy Award-nominated actress Michelle Williams joined fellow actors Luke Kirby and Sarah Silverman on the red carpet at the Tribeca Film Festival on Sunday (April 22).

Williams dazzled in a Giambattista Valli dress at the premiere of her latest film, "Take This Waltz".

"We made it two years ago and I've been so excited for it to come out, so it's so hard to describe something, it's hard to describe something in an instant that's an entire film, but it's a movie about a relationship," said Williams.

In the film, Williams plays Margot, a happily married woman, whose comfortable existence with her husband Lou (played by Seth Rogen) is thrown into turmoil when she falls in love with Daniel, her handsome and charismatic neighbor, played by Luke Kirby.

Williams' character is forced to choose between the her familiar and loving relationship with her husband and the exhilaration of a new romance.

"I always saw it as a coming-of-age story for my character, making that transition from being a girl to being a woman," said Williams.

Luke Kirby, who has acted in numerous television series, plays Daniel. He said that director Sarah Polley has created a technically rich and sensual visual ambiance in the movie.

"It's just really nice to sit for a couple of hours and be in that world. And then all these things kinda wash over you and you walk away feeling haunted by it in some way."

"Take This Waltz" opens in theaters in New York and Los Angeles on June 29, 2012.