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Mundo Fox preps for the airwaves

posted 10 Aug 2012, 12:06 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 10 Aug 2012, 12:07 ]

Latino actors celebrate the launch of the new Spanish language television station. Alicia Powell reports.

REUTERS / MUNDO FOX - New Spanish language channel Mundo Fox celebrates its official launch.

Latin-American show hosts and actors hit the red carpet to celebrate the new station.

Puerto Rican actress, Roselyn Sanchez, calls the channel a new opportunity for Latino actors in America.

Roselyn Sanchez, actress, saying

"We are growing, we are no longer the minority, we are almost the majority. We have many many millions of Hispanics and we deserve to have good programming in our language. It exists but it would be great for the market to expand and it's great for work, for actors, for producers and writers. It's really great."

Adam Rodriguez, best known for his role on "CSI" says Mundo Fox reflects the changing interests of Latino audiences in the U.S.

SAdam Rodriguez, actor, saying

"Tastes are different based on our exposure as a younger generation to, let's say, American pop culture or even world pop culture and those influences are different than what our parent's influences were. So, the things we want to see and the things we want to enjoy following are different."

The network has over 40 affiliates on board and hopes to reach 80 percent of Latino households in North America.

Mundo Fox is scheduled hit the airwaves on August 13th.