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'Music for Cats' makes it to Number 1 on Classical Music Chart

posted 18 Oct 2016, 11:26 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 18 Oct 2016, 11:27 ]

'Music for Cats', released by Universal Music makes it to Number 1 on Classical Music Chart.

BETHNAL GREEN, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM (OCTOBER 18, 2016) (ITN) -  Universal Music have released 'Music for Cats', the first ever major label deal for music aimed at animals rather than humans. Comprising of five cat-friendly compositions, this unique collection of sounds and classical music was released on October 14.

Despite being allergic to cats, composer David Teie, a cellist with America's National Symphony Orchestra, went to a cat cafe in Bethnal Green London on Tuesday (October 18) to play some music.

Teie said that he started his theory by looking at how music composed for animals affected human emotions.

"The first test was for cotton-top tamarin monkeys 'cause if I was right about all this, the kind of recipe, I should be able to write some music effective for some other species. And that one turned out to be effective so then we decided to write for something that people had more of and cats, cats were the first choice," he said.

The science of 'Music for Cats' is based on Teie's theory that every species of mammal has an intuitive biological response to sounds present in their early development. For felines this may include suckling or purring and these sounds are recreated in Teie's music.

He hopes that this music can be used in the future to enrich the lives of animals in captivity.

"You know, well we have very many species and we stick them in a square cement room and you know. And they're... I would like to have enrichment for them but I couldn't ge that quite off the ground and so that's when I decided to do this. We tried to get the music out there into the animal world."

David Teie says is pleased with the reception of his music by cats and also by their human owners.

"Many of the cat owners have told me that they find it pleasing for themselves too and so there's a kind of a shared experience of the cats and their cat owners," he said.

It was the "human" response of purchasing the music that has moved the album to Number 1 on the iTunes Classical Music Chart.