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New "Buena Vista Social Club"

posted 22 Nov 2010, 07:48 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 22 Nov 2010, 07:50 ]
Cuban and African musicians collaborate for new album "Afrocubism", the original vision for the 1997 hit "Buena Vista Social Club".
LONDON, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM - It's the collaboration that was supposed to happen 14 years ago.

Musicians from Mali and Cuba performed together in London on Sunday night (November 21) - picking up from where they were supposed to begin in 1996.

Back then, the plan had been to fly the African musicians to Havana to record a cross-cultural album.

But when the Africans passports went astray, producer Nick Gold, who'd already booked the studio time, recorded just the Cubans.

The result was "Buena Vista Social Club" which has sold eight million copies and won a Grammy.

Gold was keen to revisit his original vision.

 'Afrocubism' Producer Nick Gold, saying: 

"There is a lot of difference to Buena Vista. And people will possibly come to it who won't have heard a lot of the instruments on there. I mean there's three instruments who are ancient instruments dating back seven hundred years -- the kora, the ngoni and the balafon. And they give it a very distinct flavour and something very different for people to get hold of."

A new album called 'Afrocubism' is out now.

And performers are keeping their fingers crossed for "Buena Vista"-scale success.

Nickie Omer, Reuters.