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New frog species named after British prince

posted 7 Jul 2012, 01:21 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 7 Jul 2012, 01:22 ]

A rare species of Ecuadorian steam frog is named after Britain's Prince Charles.

HIGHGROVE, GLOUCESTERSHIRE, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM (JULY 5, 2012) (UK POOL) - The Brothers Grimm fairy story of the Frog Prince has been given a fresh twist involving a British Prince and recently-discovered Latin American amphibian.

A rare species of Ecuadorian steam frog has been named after Britain's Prince Charles, a long-time campaigner for the protection of the world's rainforests. The prince was given the honour at a relaxed ceremony at his country home in Gloucestershire, Highgrove, on Thursday (July 5).

Present was the prominent Ecuadorian biologist who discovered the species, Luis Coloma and students attending an environment workshop.

"To study frogs has been an adventure. To discover this frog we are now describing in your honour, also has been a scientific adventure," he told the prince, "I am very happy to name this frog in your honour," Coloma said.

The frog will now be known as Hyloscirtus Princecharlesi or Prince Charles Steam Tree Frog.

Presented with a medal and a glass replica of the frog, the prince joked, "I'm very touched. It's very nice. I have a lump in my throat - it must be a frog."

Coloma discovered the amphibian in 2008 among museum specimens and subsequently found three live adults on an expedition in an Ecuadorian national park.

Coloma is part of Amphibian Ark, a global network promoting the protection and conservation of amphibians, which organised Thursday's presentation with the prince. The network says amphibians are among the most imperilled terrestrial vertebrates with habitat loss the greatest threat.

The British royal promotes habitat protection through his organisation The Prince's Rainforest Project.