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New York Knicks' Jeremy Lin becomes Volvo brand ambassador

posted 20 Mar 2012, 05:32 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 20 Mar 2012, 05:33 ]

US-Jeremy Lin/Volvo -- New York Knicks' Jeremy Lin becomes Volvo brand ambassador

CCTV BEIJING - China-owned Swedish automaker Volvo announced Monday an endorsement deal with NBA's new Asian-American superstar Jeremy Lin, marking one of the first major corporate contracts for the Knicks guard.

Over the next two years, Lin will participate in corporate and marketing activities as a "brand ambassador" for Volvo Car Corp., appearing in advertising and promoting Volvo cars around the world.

His first commercial of Volvo will come out this summer, according to the company.

Lin, 23, who ascended from basketball benchdom to stardom earlier this year, said at the press conference that he found his belief in common with what Volvo stands for in terms of "continuing progress".

"We decided the partnership with Volvo for two main reasons.The first is and the fundamental is the foundation that the company is built upon. The second thing is also the continue progress to continue proving every day and every year," said Lin.

When asked whether contract with Volvo has something to do with his nick name "Linsanity", he said, "I gonna make sure that doesn't involve my nick name. One thing we do love Volvo is that they are lot more low key and I want to be the same way. I can't walk around to be Linsanity, I want to be Jeremy."

Freeman Shen, senior vice president of Volvo Car Corp and chairman of Volvo's China operations, said the hiring of Lin is an important part of Volvo's "brand rejuvenation".

Volvo is owned by China's Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co.. The company is trying to boost Volvo sales in China as part of a strategy to double the brand's global sales to 800,000 vehicles by 2020. Volvo sold about 47,000 cars in China in 2011, 54 percent up from 2010.

During the press conference, Lin was also asked whether he'll play for the Chinese team, and he said that's still under consideration.

"I am very focused on the season so at the time it's not appropriate to make the decision of what to do. And I will definitely be in China this summer, maybe there for a certain period of time, a lot longer than I was there last summer, so that'll be chance for me to connect and meet a lot of fans there," said Lin.

"I think that I understand that my job is basketball first and foremost. So at any point when I feel that's taking me away from my stuff on the court, I think that's the time to take a step back. But this is my first real signing since Nike so it's be a while and I have more time to focus on these things as well," he added in the interview after the press conference on his cooperation with Volvo.

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