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Oprah celebrates launch of her new TV network

posted 7 Jan 2011, 04:46 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 7 Jan 2011, 04:50 ]

Oprah Winfrey is celebrating the launch of her new television network known as OWN.

PASADENA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES (JANUARY 6, 2011) REUTERS - The uber popular American talk show host Oprah Winfrey celebrated the January 1st launch of her new television network at the Television Critics Association (TCA) 2011 Winter Press Tour Thursday (January 6, 2011) night.

The party hosted by Winfrey in honor of the Oprah Winfrey Network, or OWN, took place on the grounds of

upscale Langham Hotel in Pasadena.

Winfrey, 56, shared her key goal for the freshly-minted OWN Network with reporters.

"My dream is that the channel will be the home base for people who are seeking the best of themselves."

The media mogul, whose own life is a rags-to-riches story, is widely-known for promoting self-improvement.

Winfrey also talked about her other hopes for OWN.

"My dream is that the channel will be on in people's homes the same way that people find their favorite radio station. And they just keep that on their favorite radio station. And my dream is that this channel will always be the place that you can come to and you can vibe on the good energy that is there. That people will find something that is interesting. Stimulating. Delightful. Brings a little piece of light into their life."

Winfrey's best friend and colleague, Gayle King, also commented on the mission Winfrey embraced in creating OWN.

"Well, I mean her intention has always been clear. You know it's our mantra at the magazine, too. Live your best life are not just empty words to her. They really do have meaning. It's not like Oprah needs another job. She doesn't need to make more money. She's clearly motivated by her desire, that she knows that we can all be better. And it doesn't matter where you are, what you're doing. Everybody's trying to be better. Everybody. Including her. Including her."

King, 56, is the host of "The Gayle King Show," one of the several new shows to call OWN home.

Chinese-American journalist Lisa Ling also has her own series on OWN, a documentary-style show called "Our America."

Ling talked about what the OWN Network means for wildly successful Winfrey.

"Oprah has maintained such a unique level of integrity and that's the reason why she is who she is," smiled the 37-year-old broadcaster. "And this is a big risk for her. But one thing that she said today was, if it fails it's okay, because I will have learned something from that. And, it's true. I mean if we don't take theses risks we may never know. And, if it's successful, it will be revolutionary on television. It already is."

Financial guru Suze Orman is yet another familiar face that has landed at OWN.

"I got news for you. Could I have taken shows to network? Was I offered a show where we could have taken it--it could have been a big show--on a network? Oh, you betcha. But that's not where I wanted to be. I don't want to be on network. I want to be right here on cable with Oprah. I want to be part of history, and experience something that I couldn't experience on network."

OWN replaced the Discovery Health Channel on January 1, 2011 on cable and satellite stations in the U.S.

This is Winfrey's second foray into cable television. She was a co-founder of the Oxygen channel which she and her partners sold in 2008 to NBC Universal.

Her award-winning syndicated daytime talk program, "The Oprah Winfrey Show," will end its 25-year run this September. Until then, Winfrey will pull double-duty in playing a lead role running both operations.