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Quentin Tarantino reacts to Oscar nominations at UK premiere of Django Unchained

posted 10 Jan 2013, 16:45 by Mpelembe   [ updated 10 Jan 2013, 16:46 ]

Director Quentin Tarantino happy with Oscar and BAFTA nominations as he as his cast including Christoph Waltz and Samuel L. Jackson hit the red carpet in London for the premiere of 'Django Unchained'.

LONDON, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM (JANUARY 10, 2013) (REUTERS) - Director Quentin Tarantino said it has been 'a pretty good week' following his new film Django Unchained's Oscar and BAFTA nominations.

Speaking on the red carpet in London on Thursday (January 10, 2013) at the film's UK premiere he told Reuters Television:

"Five Oscar nominations today (January 10) five BAFTA nominations yesterday (January 9), it's been a pretty good week."

Tarantino's new western is in the running for several prizes including Academy Awards for Best Picture and Original Screenplay.

"I don't think I am going to win best picture, so I am not scared of any of them," Tarantino revealed when asked about the competition he faces.

His film is one of nine movies, including 'Argo' and 'Les Miserables' competing for Best Picture.

Despite picking up a BAFTA nomination for Director, Tarantino didn't make the Academy's shortlist in this category.

Seeming unfazed when asked about it on the red carpet he said a nomination for directing 'would have been nice', adding he thought Ben Affeck - who directed Argo should have been on there too.

Actor Christoph Waltz made his shortlist. Following a BAFTA nomination for Best Supporting Actor, he's up for an Oscar in the same category for his role as Dr King Schultz in Django Unchained.

He and Tarantino proved a winning team in 2009 with hit film 'Inglorious Basterds', for which Waltz won an Oscar and Tarantino two nominations.

When asked about their working relationship Waltz he revealed: "You know to put it briefly I think I am very much interested in what he has to say and he is very much interested in how I can say it."

Waltz is competing for an Academy Award against actors including Philip Seymour Hoffman in 'The Master' and Tommy Lee Jones in 'Lincoln'. "It's a very strong year, and look at just in my category there is nothing I can say I am in awe." He said.

Joining Tarantino and Waltz on the red carpet was Samuel L. Jackson, who plays slave Stephen in 'Django Unchained'.

Speaking about the significance of awards he said winning an Oscar 'will be some reward for the producers who put in all the time and hard work to make this happen' and 'verification of Quentin's writing standard.'

He wasn't the only one full of praise for the filmmaker. Jamie Foxx who stars as Django explained why he thinks the movie is proving so popular with the fans and industry people alike:

"Quentin Tarantino, I ran into a girl in New York who said I just saw a screening of Django and you tell Quentin Tarantino that he did all of his movies to get to this movie I think everything that is perfect and special about QT and all the movies he has done it all came out in this one film and that is why you have seen the artistic value being recognised and also the commercial value where it is over 100 million already in the states but it is still artistically something that moves you and I think they will be going to see it for a long time."

Meanwhile Kerry Washington who plays Foxx's love interest was also excited about award season: "It's thrilling, I am so happy for Christoph and I am so happy Quentin and so happy for everybody you know a film is such a collaborative effort so when a film gets a nomination for best picture it's really a win for everyone."

'Django Unchained' is due to open in the UK on January 18. While the BAFTAs are set to be handed out on February 10, followed by the Oscars on the 24th.