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Rihanna Northern Ireland video shoot interrupted by farmer

posted 28 Sep 2011, 06:36 by Mpelembe   [ updated 28 Sep 2011, 06:40 ]
Rihanna's video shoot in Northern Ireland gets interrupted as farmer tells her to cover up
NEAR BANGOR, NORTHERN IRELAND, UNITED KINGDOM - Locals couldn't believe their eyes, but this really is Rihanna walking through a cornfield near the town of Bangor in Northern Ireland.

The singer and her entourage rolled up to shoot the video for her new single 'We Found Love' and used the field as a backdrop.

Some residents followed the spectacle as Rihanna stripped down to a bandana bikini top, red underwear, covered by a checked shirt.

Other unidentified local man, saying"Yes very surprised, especially in Bangor, you don't expect it."

Reporter: "So you're glad you finally got a glimpse of her?"

"Yes especially (unintelligible) idolises her...he loves her to bits!"

Unidentified local man, sayingReporter: "Did you get a good view of her?"

Local: "Yes she's just right there so like 20 feet (away)."

Reporter: "Were you surprised she's in Bangor?"

Local: "Well we live here so yes it is kind of random (laughs). Yes it is, it is. We knew she was coming. She came in last night or something so."

Reporter: "Exciting?"

Local: "Well, the rain stayed off so."

But not everyone seemed as pleasently surprised by the superstars appearance.

Ireland's national broadcaster RTE later said the field's owner, Alan Graham requested that filming be stopped when he realised Rihanna's lack of dress.

The deeply religious man reportedly had no idea who the 23-year-old singer was when he got a call last week asking to use his field for a pop video.
But all is fine now.

Mr Graham later spoke to Rihanna and the two are said to have 'parted on good enough terms'.

Kathi Urban, Reuters.