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South Park creators tackle Broadway

posted 21 Mar 2011, 14:27 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 21 Mar 2011, 14:29 ]
Trey Parker and Matt Stone bring their wild wit to Broadway with the new musical “The Book of Mormon.”

REUTERS / JOAN MARCUS PHOTOGRAPHS - Broadway goes biblical … but definitely not pious.

"South Park" creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are bringing their wild wit and sometimes offensive humor to the stage.

Their new musical "The Book of Mormon" tells the story of two young Mormon missionaries dispatched to a dangerous part of Uganda.

And that's when the team's zany comedy ensues.

Matt Stone, playwright, saying:

"There's one song called "I Believe" in the second act which is, I don't even know if we realized when we were writing it but seeing it now it's a really cool song because it gets huge laughs but there's no jokes in the song it's just a devote Mormon saying I believe in this, this, this and then you kind of do the rules of three in comedy and you put the third one and make it, you put a fact there that's pretty funny and people laugh at it."

Initial thoughts were that the fellas were out to bash Mormons and their beliefs.

But they say that couldn't be further from the truth.

Trey Parker says their only intention was to create a traditional musical.

Trey Parker, playwright, saying:

"Right away we knew what we were doing, we knew this wasn't just a big, you know, F you to Mormons."

Critics are calling this a must see with some saying it's a shoo-in for a Tony, which prompted the question, what would they wear?

The duo caused a stir when they arrived to the 2000 Oscars in dresses.

 Matt Stone, playwright, saying;

"Drag is a different joke at the Tony's then it is at the Oscars, so think about that, you know, you gotta think about where you are."

"The Book of Mormon" opens on March 24.

Alicia Powell, Reuters.